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Nick: Ludovic_Hubler

I am back. 5 long years of hitchhiking around the world is complete. I will enjoy sharing my experiences in the travel blog here. I will start at the end and take you to the beginning of my trip around the world. I hope my blog will be a motivation for everyone to change the world!



Dharamsala | Nick: Ludovic_Hubler

Dharamsala | Meeting Delai Lama

2007-09-04 | Viewed: 1121 time(s) | 8 votes | Rank
As you can imagine I met many, many people during my travel around the world. Nothing compares however to meeting Dalai Lama - the man I respect and admire like no one else for his contribution to peace, the world and humanity in general. I dedicate this part of my travel blog to him.

gift from Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama encounter wasn't the longest or most adventurous but the most memorable and spiritual because it was a fulfillment of my dream. After all how often do you meet with Noble Peace Prize Winners which his Holiness Dalai Lama - the spiritual leader of Tibet is? I have repeatedly tried to schedule an appointment via email with Dalai Lama secretaries, unsuccessfully unfortunately. Not giving up I decided to meet the secretary personally. That's why I made Dharamsala a focal point of my travel to India.

My invitation was as follows “Be here at 12 :30 in front of the office of the government in exile; we will take you inside the residence and you can meet the Dalai Lama for several minutes. Understand that this won’t be a private audience; it will be a very informal meeting.”

Dharamsala meeting of Dalai Lama

I was afraid I will not be able to speak. But the whole meeting came in the relaxed atmosphere. Dalai Lama asked about my hitchhiking travels, where I started and I gave him a quick summary of what I'm doing. The secretary added that I lecture in schools and universities along the way and that I help spread Dalai Lama's message of 'universal responsibility.'

I received a white silk scarf (kata) as a gift which symbolizes purity of intention in the Tibetan tradition. This was very magical to me. So was the handshake we exchanged.

NO doubt I will remember this short but intense meeting forever.
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Dalai Lama
Ros /2010-05-13 05:55:17/
I envy you for meeting Dalai Lama. He is a great person.