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Beijing | Nick: essentialchinatours

Beijing | Dali tours

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Dali, the gateway to Yunnan, is a mystical and idyllic ancient city in the northwest of Yunnan Province. Many people begin their trips here before heading to more remote places like Lijiang, Lake Lugu and Shangrila, or retreat to comforts away the harsh travels.Dali Tours is one of the most popular tour destinations for tourists at home and abroad.

Walt Disney World Resort (in Lake Buena Vista just outside Orlando): Walt Disney World is a massive complex of several theme and water parks, including the famous Magic Kingdom. Classical Dali tour is not bad.

The Three Pagodas are the symbol of the city. With more than 1,800 years history, Three Pagodas are made of three ancient independent pagodas forming a symmetrical triangle. This is unique in China. Three pagodas are a must see for any tourists who visit Dali. Dali tour package welcome you!
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