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Beijing | Nick: chinatoursessential

Beijing | China travel guide

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Beijing is in northern part of China, the Chinese living in those areas were using central heating system to warm the people's house and working place. While in the south part of the country, winter is rather short, mainly began at the Christmas time till early January.Not only it is the longest winter of the city, it is also the coldest winter. According to the local weather broadcasting institution, it is the coldest winter in the near 50 years. Beijing city tours are not bad.

Autumn is perhaps China's most precious season, a respite between sweltering summers and fatal winters. But it is only in the northern Sichuan highlands of Jiuzhaigou, China's natural wonderland, where fall can be witnessed in blazing splendor. Approaching Nine Villages Gully near the Gansu border, one may at first be daunted by the chaos of tour groups and ceaseless convoys of busses not unlike diesel prisons bullying their way through the crowds with deafening blasts of the horn. Jiuzhaigou tour is very good for you.

China classical tour, such as: Xian tour, Yangtze River Tours, Tibet tour and so on. Welcome to China tours.
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