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Beijing | Nick: chinahotel2010

Beijing | Beijing Culture

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Beijing, the political and cultural centre of modern China, was the capital of many dynasties in ancient times. When breathing in this city, you can virtually sense its up-to-the-minute modern aura along with a kind of historical dignified sensation that encourages feelings of deep respect for this city which holds so many stories that date back to its origins. Hutong, quadrangle, defensive wall, old city gate and Beijing Opera are the prime indicators that reveal its historical beauty and stories affording much further consideration.

There are many religions practiced in Beijing, although not always freely.  Freedom of religion is actually in the Chinese constitution, but throughout recent history, suspensions have occurred that have made it hard to practice certain faiths.  With all of this, the religious diversity within Beijing is vast, encompassing Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. 

With many temples throughout the city, visitors can get a real feeling of some of the area’s practiced religions.  The largest Buddhist temple in Beijing is Tanzhe Temple whose history dates back to the Jin Dynasty (3rd century AD).  The White Cloud Temple is the largest Taoist temple in the city, which was once the religious center of Northern China.
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