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Beijing | Nick: chinahotel2008

Beijing | Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace One Day Tour

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Badaling Great Wall is located in Yanqing County, about 70 kilometers from the downtown area of Beijing. Twisting and turning at an altitude of 1,000 meters, the Badaling Great Wall appears exceptionally lofty on the undulating mountains. Great Wall of Badaling  section was placed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1987, a list reserved for destinations considered to have outstanding universal value. Badaling Great Wall is a most popular section Wall in Beijing.
The Summer Palace is the largest and best-preserved imperial garden in China. Its chinese name, YiHeYuan, The Summer Palace is virtually a museum of traditional Chinese gardening that uses rocks, plants, pavilions, ponds, cobble paths and other garden styles to create a poetic effect between different scenes. When you stroll around the Summer Palace, you will constantly find the area changing.
If you not only want visit Badaling Great Wall, but also Summer Palace, but you only have one free day, please don't worry, you can join our Badaling Great Wall and Summer Palace One Day Tour. Get more Beijing Tour information, you can contact with us.
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