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beijing | Nick: alissa

beijing | China festivals

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Traditional Chinese festivals range from the calm and colorful virtues of the free for connoisseurs with booming gongs and cymbals and frantic dancers in dragon and lion costumes. Most of them are on the Chinese lunar calendar, so the actual date varies from year to year.

Confucius' Birthday
Next we consider the birthday of Confucius in September. Although we noted in all of China, you can experience the best in this event at the House of Confucius Qufu, in particular, in the temple of Confucius.
Confucius in China, the revered thinker, philosopher and educator. He devoted his life in poverty and relative obscurity, but his teachings were only written and extend his disciples after his death.
The celebration of the birth of Confucius, from 4 o'clock in the Temple of Confucius. Ceremony modest taught as befits a man of moderation. Celebrants to pay their respects and offer flowers to the temple altars. The holiday can also be musical performances using traditional instruments, dancing and costumes.

Beijing International Kite
Now, in Beijing on the events in a very kind, at the Beijing International Kite Festival in April, the windiest month in the Chinese capital. Kites is a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years as a leisure activity and means of warfare. Fan Wei in Shandong province is a big kite field in China, but Beijing's annual international festival of snakes.
Starting with a colorful ceremony, said Beijing International Kite Festival presents powerful examples of the dragons of the past century and experts on their properties and treat visitors with a kite-Laure and anecdotes. The event attracts kite-flying teams from around the world.

Chinese New Year
Finally, after the largest Bash Hong Kong in the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year. This is a time of grief, Chinese opera, banging drums, fireworks and festivals, twisting the lion and dragon dances, fortune telling, and save more.
Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the new lunar year and ends later Lantern Festival fourteen days. He falls in mid-January to mid-February. This is a time when hard-working Chinese people put their feet on several days of family reunion and thanksgiving feasts and goes to the temple. People clean their houses and hang a red lantern outside the door. The veneration of ancestors in the hearts of the Chinese New Year. New Year's Eve offering at the family banquet table.
In Hong Kong, the Festival begins with a parade between the Admiralty and Wanchai, a large fireworks display over Victoria Harbor and the area more than usual, and skyscrapers are decorated with lights and lighting design. Churches are busy, and red envelopes, as Lay Lake with "lucky money", as you know, to give family and friends.

If you're lucky to be in China on the day of the festival, should be treated in order to save. Not only you have a lot of fun, but you will see something very special in people's lives. The only difficulty with visiting events in Canada can be your shelter. Make sure that the reservations, as well as Hong Kong Hotels Beijing Hotels, or placed in the festival in full. Of course, the Internet offers many options for booking hotels in China in advance.
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