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Nick: agillis

Time for a new adventure. C'est l'heure d'une nouvelle aventure. این زمان برای یک ماجراجویی جدید است.



Wagmatcook | Nick: agillis

Wagmatcook | A Nifty Night

2008-10-11 | Viewed: 133 time(s) | 3 votes | Rank
Yes, I know, just last Thursday I was talking about Celtic Colours and said that we weren't going this year.  Well, just like the weather around here, wait five minutes and it'll change.  Friday morning, I got an email from my brother in Halifax asking if we were going since the rest of the family were headed there.

J'ai eu une classe pour mon cours d'Organizational Communications vendredi après-midi et une soirée après cela donc je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de parler avec Mariah au sujet de voyager vers le Cap Breton avant de rentrer le soir. Nous l'avons discuté et décidé d'y aller.

I got up before the crack of dawn Saturday morning to pack the car and make breakfast and lunch for us.  I woke Mariah up at 6 am, expecting to just pour her into the car where she could continue to sleep, but she insisted on taking a shower first.  By 6:45 am, we were on the road.

Nous avons conduit directement vers Margaree. Il faisait beau and traffic was moving (except heading into Antigonish where they were fixing the cracks in the asphalt and had traffic down to one lane - we had to wait twenty minutes in the lineup).

We arrived in Margaree just in time for late lunch.  Dans l'après-midi, mon frère - Mark, sa femme - Laurie, Mariah et moi avons conduit à Inverness et visité l'Inverness County Centre for the Arts.  There were some beautiful pieces of art from local artists, as well as international artists inpired by the local environment and culture.

Ce soir, nous quatre avons conduit au Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre pour assister au concert « A Nifty Night ».  First up was the Halifax-based group Tuig (Scottish Gaelic word meaning "to understand", pronounced too-ig) who performed several traditional Gaelic tunes - some instrumental and some with vocals.

Ensuite, Troy MacGillivray, fiddler extraordinaire, wowed the crowd with instrumental tunes on the fiddle and the keyboard.

Finalement, Shooglenifty (un groupe de l'Écosse) a joué une unique mélange de la musique traditionnelle écossaise et beaucoup d'autres influences de la musique mondiale.  The lead musician, Angus Grant, was hilarious.  If he ever gave up playing the fiddle, he could easily make it as a comedian.

The whole night was fantastic and ended up with everyone on stage for a grande finale.  Après le concert, Mariah et moi sommes rentrées et Mark et Laurie, avec notre cousin Kevin, ont assisté au Festival Club à St. Ann's jusqu'à 3 h du matin.
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