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Nick: agillis

Time for a new adventure. C'est l'heure d'une nouvelle aventure. این زمان برای یک ماجراجویی جدید است.



Fredericton | Nick: agillis

Fredericton | Home Sweet Home...well, at least back to where we started (^_^)

2008-08-21 | Viewed: 72 time(s) | No vote yet | Rank
It was soooo nice to sleep in my own bed last night...but it was also soooo great travelling around France and Spain these last eight and a half weeks:  the people that I met, the places that I visited, the things that I experienced, the food that I ate...especially the food.  ;-)

Au moins, j'ai une semaine et demi de plus pour reposer avant de retourner au travail et à l'université.  Mariah is due to fly home from the west coast late this evening, then tomorrow we're off to Margaree for a family reunion.

Hmmm...the drive from Fredericton to Margaree is about as long as the flight from Frankfurt to Montréal...

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