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Nick: agillis

Time for a new adventure. C'est l'heure d'une nouvelle aventure. این زمان برای یک ماجراجویی جدید است.



Valencia | Nick: agillis

Valencia | Nuestro segundo dia en España

2008-06-25 | Viewed: 91 time(s) | 2 votes | Rank
We went to the market in Valencia.  It smelled like fish (according to Mariah & Caitlyn).  We saw monk fish and live eels squiggling in the ice...yum??

Fallera Dress
We also went to the old sewing district and Mariah is demonstrating a traditional "fallera" dress which is worn during the fallas festival in March to celebrate fire.  Mariah says:  We saw all the popular Spanish clothing shops like, Mango, Zara, Bershka and Friday I'll see Desigual!!!!  They have better clothes than in Fredericton, please people, I beg you, see the world outside Fredericton, it's great!

We tried to see the old Roman ruins, but there wasn't a tour running at that time.  Below are some pictures of tiles on some buildings that we passed as we walked through the city.  The tiles in Valencia are everywhere and there are some beautiful and exquisite designs.

We went to a place called a 'tapas bar', they don't sell liquor but instead little snacks with a toothpick and you pay by the toothpick.

Below, Mariah and Caitlyn are standing in front of a "funky architectural place" (that's the technical name, according to Caitlyn).


Nous sommes allées à un supermarché (Masymas) et nous avons vu qu’il y a de la nourriture congelée de McCain’s ici en Espagne!

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