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Nick: agillis

Time for a new adventure. C'est l'heure d'une nouvelle aventure. این زمان برای یک ماجراجویی جدید است.



Madrid | Nick: agillis

Madrid | Touch Down in Madrid

2008-06-24 | Viewed: 75 time(s) | No vote yet | Rank

Our flight left Toronto over an hour late and we had to change gates three times, but we finally boarded around midnight Fredericton-time.

Mariah and I were ready to fall asleep by then, but Air Canada had other plans.  We were served a hot meal, but didn't feel like eating at that point.

At around 10:30 am Madrid-time (5:30 am in Fredericton), we were served a muffin and apple slices for breakfast...still too early for my body to be eating.

We arrived in Madrid after noon local time and were warmly greeted by 27-degree temperatures.  I think our bags must have been the last ones off the plane because we waited and we waited and...  Our friends who were to meet us at the airport had begun to think that we must have missed our flight.

The rest of the day included driving to Pu
çol (north of Valencia - where our friends live) and getting accustomed to the difference in time zones.

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