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Nick: agillis

Time for a new adventure. C'est l'heure d'une nouvelle aventure. این زمان برای یک ماجراجویی جدید است.



Nice | Nick: agillis

Nice | From Cannes to Nice

2008-07-05 | Viewed: 104 time(s) | No vote yet | Rank
This morning, I went to an Internet access place (where I'd had problems with the keyboard) to try to update my travel blog which I could finally access, but after typing for 20 minutes when I clicked on the save button, I received an error message and the computer locked up.  The staff at this place were not very helpful, so I ended up just leaving.

Je suis allée à une autre entreprise où je n'ai pas eu de problèmes.  La vitesse de l'ordinateur a été si lente que je n'ai pas pu beaucoup faire avant qu'il faut que je quitte pour chercher mon sac à dos avant de trouver Mariah et Caitlyn à midi.  Quand je suis arrivée à la gare je me suis rendue compte que je n'ai pas de clé USB.  Just then, the girls showed up and I explained to them that I must have left my memory stick at the last Internet access place, so we walked there (which wasn't far), but there was no sign of the memory stick and the person at the desk had no idea.

In the end, we lost some pictures that I'd transferred from the camera and hadn't uploaded anywhere.  :-(

Nous avons pris le bus vers Nice.  We headed straight for our accomodation to drop off our bags, then we proceeded to the Office de Tourisme (which took us a while to find as we kept getting different directions from people that we asked for assistance) to get a map, etc.

Après avoir finalement trouvé l'Office et reçu des renseignements, nous avons mangé à un restaurant dans le même quartier de la ville - Temple Bar.  I ordered Tapas Mexicains, Mariah had the raviolis with mozzerella and Caitlyn the chicken tandoori brochettes.  Afterwards, we explored the downtown area a bit before taking the bus to our accomodation.

After a rest, we decided to go for a dip in the outdoor pool.  The scenery here is beautiful; you can see a large chateau in the hills not too far away.  There are lots of travellers staying here from different places - we met a small group from South Korea.  Some of the group can speak a bit of English, but only the guide speaks some French.

Gotta go...maybe I can upload some pictures from the camera soon??
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