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Gibraltar: Gibraltar
Get Useful Tips to make your Holiday Enjoyable!
| Visited 106 time(s)
Mikee, 2010-07-14
Do you dream of being able to go off and tour a remote location, climb an extreme mountain or try something new? No matter what kind of activity you enjoy or what boundary you want to push there are adventure travels out there just... more... »
Latvia: Riga
Budget Holidays in Riga!
| Visited 122 time(s)
Mikee, 2010-05-10
Riga is a fairly large city the places interesting to tourists are located around the monument of Freedom and Old town. The best way to see them is a walking tour. Begin with the House of Blackheads, the tourist office there... more... »
Australia: brisbene
Discount 3o% villa pantai biru
| Visited 101 time(s)
shihaela, 2010-08-01

Top 10 Best Rated Travel Blogs

India: Rajasthan
Different Rajasthan Tour Packages Available in Market
| Visited 85 time(s)
rupeshets, 2010-07-20
Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal";... more... »
India: Dharamsala
Meeting Delai Lama
| Visited 1115 time(s)
Ludovic_Hubler, 2007-09-04
As you can imagine I met many, many people during my travel around the world. Nothing compares however to meeting Dalai Lama - the man I respect and admire like no one else for his contribution to peace, the world and humanity in general. I... more... »
Afghanistan: Kabul
Hitchhiking in Afghanistan - Suicide Mission?
| Visited 1057 time(s)
Ludovic_Hubler, 2007-10-14
It was a difficult decision where to travel next from Peshawar, Pakistan. The options were both dangerous - even for a man like me who've seen a lot after 4 years of hitchhiking around the world. I decided to drop plans... more... »
Puerto Rico: Culebra
The Best Kept Secret of the Carribean
| Visited 571 time(s)
chris, 2005-01-12
After couple days of enjoying Old San Juan we boarded a small plane and flew east to a little island off of the coast of Puerto Rico - Culebra. Located about 15 miles off of mainland Puerto Rico, and not far from St. Thomas... more... »
French Polynesia: Moorea, Tahiti
Few days in paradise
| Visited 587 time(s)
maggie, 2001-08-05
I have never seen anything like Tahiti - wonderful people, nature, peace and order. I might have not seen an entire world, but I'm convinced there is no place like French Polynesia. Getting there was the longest flight I ever took. (and I didn't... more... »
Nepal: Mount Everest
Everest basecamp trek
| Visited 426 time(s)
Rosanna, 2009-06-01
I have chosen to do something quite crazy – I’m climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest for charity. At the start of June I will start the two week (showerless!) expedition to reach a dizzying height of 5600m... more... »
France: Pontorson
Madrid - Beauvais (Paris) - Rennes - Pontorson - Mont St Michel
| Visited 302 time(s)
agillis, 2008-08-01
As you can see by the title of this blog, I travelled a lot wonder the next day I was exhausted. I took the early...and I mean EARLY...flight from Madrid to Paris, then caught the train to Rennes and the bus... more... »
Guatemala: Tikal
An Adventure in Guatemala
| Visited 305 time(s)
Carmie, 2008-02-19
Hello!  I recently came back from a fantastic trip to Guatemala, a very little known country it seems.  I traveled with my daughter, Oneida, and my 7-year-old grandaughter, Sydney, who loved every minute of our trip, just as... more... »
Canada: Wagmatcook
A Nifty Night
| Visited 130 time(s)
agillis, 2008-10-11
Yes, I know, just last Thursday I was talking about Celtic Colours and said that we weren't going this year.  Well, just like the weather around here, wait five minutes and it'll change.  Friday morning, I got an email from my brother in... more... »
Bermuda: Atlantic Ocean Island
Bermuda Vacation
| Visited 183 time(s)
tomas, 2008-06-22
Just took a wonderful trip to Bermuda-second time but love everything about the island.  Great people and beautiful homes and flowers and trees.  We cruised down on the Norweign Dawn and stayed at the island for 3 days.  We... more... »

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