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Nick: agillis

Time for a new adventure. C'est l'heure d'une nouvelle aventure. این زمان برای یک ماجراجویی جدید است.



Cannes | Nick: agillis

Cannes | Adieu aux filles...pour une semaine

2008-06-29 | Viewed: 79 time(s) | No vote yet | Rank

The host server for travelblog.com apparently had problems and had to shut down the whole site on June 29th, so this entry and the subsequent five days are being posted late.

Cannes Marina
The five of us got up early and checked out of the hotel before heading down to the train station to find a place to have breakfast. Nous avons choisi un café en face de la gare et nous avons commandé le petit déjeuner qui consiste d'une boisson chaude (café, thé ou chocolat), une demie baguette, un croissant, du beurre, de la confiture et une petite verre de jus d'orange.

At 10 o'clock, we walked over to the station and waited for the representative of the school (CIA - I don't think that they're studying to become spies) to arrive.  Finally around 10:20 am, a young guy in a yellow school t-shirt arrived in a van to collect Caitlyn and Mariah. Il a commencé tout de suite de leur parler en français.  :-)

Wayne et Stacey sont rentrés à Valencia et je suis restée à Cannes pour explorer un peu.  Since most stores, etc. are closed on Sunday, I mostly walked along the beautiful beach and took pics of the city from Église Notre Dame d'Esperance au Suquet (aka Églish de la Castre) which is one of the highest points in the city.

Along the boardwalk by the Mediterranean Sea, there are handprints in concrete from famous people and the year that they visited Cannes.

In the evening, every café with a TV was showing the Euro 2008 football (soccer) final.
Espagne a gagné le match contre l'Allemagne.

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