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Algeria: Beijing
Delight Hotel Dalian
| Visited 81 time(s)
chinahotel2008, 2010-03-14
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France: Cannes
Retourne à Cannes
| Visited 81 time(s)
agillis, 2008-07-04
J'ai rencontré une japonaise, Waka, à Antibes et nous avons décidé de voyager vers Cannes ensemble. Elle a été en Italie et voyage maintenant vers Marseille et ensuite vers Paris. I told her all...
Canada: Vancouver
Traveling Canada, East to West
| Visited 81 time(s)
canadajackie, 2008-10-08
I recently went on a  Canada holidays road trip. A drive across the whole of Canada doesn't really sound right. In some sense i did. Basically I wanted to rent out a car and drive from Vancouver to Winnipeg. I had three...
France: Cap d\'Ail
From Monaco back to France
| Visited 81 time(s)
agillis, 2008-07-09
We had originally intended on spending two nights in Cap d'Ail, but we saw everything in Monaco that we wanted to see (except the casinos in Monte Carlo, but you have to be 18 to get in), so we took the regional train...
China: beijing
How to find cheap hotels online?
| Visited 80 time(s)
alissa, 2010-02-02
If we spend our holiday vacation in another place we want to make sure that at any moment, in our plans. Part of this plan is to spend an unforgettable time, not having the budget. Accommodation is one of the largest spend for...
India: Munaar
Kerala Sea Food – Must Try on Kerala Tour
| Visited 80 time(s)
Joseph_Moore, 2010-01-07
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France: Cannes
Adieu aux filles...pour une semaine
| Visited 79 time(s)
agillis, 2008-06-29
The host server for travelblog.com apparently had problems and had to shut down the whole site on June 29th, so this entry and the subsequent five days are being posted late. The five of us got up early and checked out of the hotel...
Spain: Madrid
| Visited 79 time(s)
agillis, 2008-07-28
I'm writing this five days behind because I haven't been able to access my blog - I tried every day that I was in Madrid, but had no success - I don't know whether the site server was down again or what.  :-( I'm just writing...
Monaco: Monaco
Change of scenery
| Visited 79 time(s)
agillis, 2008-07-08
This is just a short note to let you know where we went today...more details to be added later as time permits. We took the train to Cap d'Ail, near Monaco, as this is where our accomodation is located.  We stayed...
India: New Delhi
Rajasthan Tours – Tempting Tourist Attractions
| Visited 78 time(s)
michaelsm, 2010-07-28
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France: Besançon
Heading south a bit
| Visited 77 time(s)
agillis, 2008-08-12
Usually; when you hear of someone heading south, you think of warm weather and sunny skies...well, I guess it doesn't work that way around here. Il a plu beaucoup à Strasbourg hier et on m'a dit qu'il ne pleut jamais deux jours...
France: Dijon
It`s more than just mustard...
| Visited 77 time(s)
agillis, 2008-08-13
Aujourd'hui j'ai pris le train de Besançon vers Dijon...seule deux gares de loin mais dans un département différent. J'ai fait une balade en segway dans l'après-midi avec une guide et deux autres touristes...
India: Delhi
India Tours Delhi
| Visited 77 time(s)
kurl, 2009-07-31
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Spain: Valencia
Troisième jour à Valencia
| Visited 77 time(s)
agillis, 2008-06-26
Mariah's got her own blog going on Facebook and she keeps complaining that Stacey & I wake her and Caitlyn up at "the crack of dawn" every morning...I guess that depends on your definition...if you think that 9 o'clock in the morning is...
Spain: Puçol
Last day in Valencia before heading to France
| Visited 77 time(s)
agillis, 2008-06-27
Aujourd'hui, nous avons pris le train vers Valencia encore une fois. Nous avons magaziné et Mariah et Caitlyn ont acheté des vêtements. After shopping, we returned to  Puçol to relax (Caitlyn...
Canada: Fredericton
Good `Ole Freddy Beach
| Visited 77 time(s)
agillis, 2008-08-30
Après quelques jours du repos en Nouvelle-Écosse, Mariah et moi sommes rentrées à Fredericton ce soir.  We arrived home to an empty fridge, but we had stopped in Moncton en route to have supper. ...
India: Shimla ,India
Shimla and Manali Tour – Explore Natural Beauty and Beautiful Tourist Attractions
| Visited 76 time(s)
rachelmorgen, 2010-01-21
Himachal Pradesh is one of the most visited tourist destinations of India . In this nature blessed state there are many hill stations among which Shimla and Manali are most popular. Both the hill stations are blessed with copious beauty...
China: beijing
Shanghai Luxury Hotels
| Visited 76 time(s)
alissa, 2010-02-01
Dynamic and rich international metropolis, Shanghai is one of the leading holiday destinations. Ultra-modern city that offers world-class attractions and activities to make your visit to Shanghai Shanghai memorable affair that is very...
Spain: Madrid
Touch Down in Madrid
| Visited 75 time(s)
agillis, 2008-06-24
Our flight left Toronto over an hour late and we had to change gates three times, but we finally boarded around midnight Fredericton-time. Mariah and I were ready to fall asleep by then, but Air Canada had other...
Belgium: Brussels
Brussels Holidays! There are lots of things to do
| Visited 75 time(s)
Mikee, 2010-06-10
Brussels is the capital of Belgium and a city of contrasts. French and Flemish cultures coexist happily, the authentic can still be sampled but there are plenty of modern and cosmopolitan activities to enjoy as well. Although famed for...
Spain: Barcelona
Barcelona bound
| Visited 75 time(s)
agillis, 2008-07-19
The first time that I typed in this entry, the computer at the web café gave me an error message and I didn't have time to redo it before I ran out of time. Ce matin, nous avons magasiné avant de prendre le train de...
France: Montpellier
| Visited 75 time(s)
agillis, 2008-07-17
Today, we took the train to Montpellier.  It was grey, cold and raining when we left Clermont-Ferrand and the train ride was also cold. When we got off the first train in Nîmes, the temperature was quite different -...
India: Manali,India
Himachal Tour- Explore the Beauty of Kullu and Manali Hill Stations
| Visited 74 time(s)
rachelmorgen, 2009-11-18
Have you ever spend you holidays amidst the beauty of nature, with the refreshing view of the cascading waterfall breathtaking mountains and lot more mesmeric attractions. Yet not travel to Himachal Pradesh in India the state famous for...
France: Nice
Vieille Ville
| Visited 74 time(s)
agillis, 2008-07-07
Slowly, but surely, I'm getting caught up in my blogs...now I'm only three days behind.  ;-) Ce matin nous avons décidé de rester à Nice une nuit de plus afin de magasiner aujourd'hui.  Nous avons pris le bus au...
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
Fly to Kuala Lumpur for the Truly Asia.
| Visited 74 time(s)
seanm, 2010-03-08
The city has grown from a small sleepy town to a beautiful metropolis, which is the capital city of Malaysia. Every year, the city welcomes legions of tourists who come to spend their holiday in Kuala Lumpur. If you want...